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Donata Kalungadonata kalunga
Founder and administrator

The school is the result of founder, Donata Kalunga's enormous energy and commitment. She continues to administer the school liaising with the Ministry of Education, local government, and supporters, Build It International and Adrienne Hunt..

Born in Mkushi, Donata worked in administration for the Zambian government in the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and the National Commission for Development Planning until 1988.

Donata has always been active in local politics and interested in helping disabled people. After creating local support through an Association for Disabled People, Donata focused on founding a school to meet the most critical needs.She has four children of her own.

In 2013, Build It International flew Donata over to the UK to visit some schools and meet with sponsors.

teacher singing


There are five volunteer teachers at the shool. None of them have been formally trained to teach special needs. However, in 2014, Demetria Kalunga is being sponsored to Zamise for special needs training.

demetria at boardDemetria Kalunga who volunteered as a teacher throughout 2005 was sponsored to attend the teacher training course at the Malcolm Moffat College of Education in Serenji through 2006 returning to Mkushi to do her practical year at the school in 2007.

Born in Serenji (north of Mkushi), Demetria is interested in teaching special needs children.

While at the school, Demitria has taught herself sign language. She is the main teacher for the hearing impaired children, who sing in sign with the other children.