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How you can help

Our generous supporters

  • Build It International
  • First National Bank Zambia
  • Vidmar family
  • A V Marketing
  • Blair McLeod
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ms Ali Moll
  • South Church
  • Simon & Adrienne Hunt
  • Various individuals

Build It International

Build It International works with partner organisations and communities in Zambia to make a difference.By building schools, health facilities and housing with local materials and sustainable technologies, it aims to help communities access the facilities they need.

On every project, it trains local men and women in building skills and helps them turn their training into work.

Other sponsorship

Sponsorship has come in the form of cash, food and school materials.

Prasad Project provided running costs through 2005. Other support has included: desks, books and stationary from the Ministry of Education, Maureen Mwanawasa Initiative; mosquito nets from Africare; playground and classroom paint from Chengelo School; and beans and maize meal from individuals.

Simon & Adrienne Hunt

Simon Hunt has lived and farmed in Mkushi since 1997. The farm, about 45 kilometres outside of Mkushi, grows maize, soya beans and runs a cattle herd. Simon grew up in Kenya and has lived in Zambia since 1994.

In 2003, Donata approached Simon Hunt, a farmer in the Mkushi area, to support the school. Since then, Simon and his wife, Adrienne, have helped to provide education, healthcare, and mobility aids for the children, and to sponsor teacher training and special projects.

In 2007, Adrienne took over fundraising for the school.