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Why the school is needed
About the area

About Zambia

Around 11 million people live in Zambia, the vast majority of whom are of black African descent, though there are large communities whose ancestors came from Europe and India.

English is the official language, and most urban Zambians speak it fluently (along with a couple of local languages usually!) Seventy two different languages and dialects are spoken in Zambia. The main one around Mkushi is Bemba.

About Mkushi

Mkushi is a small farming town in the Central Province of Zambia. It lies on the Great North Road which links the Copper Belt and the West of the country with the East.

It is the centre of a relatively prosperous farming area, with a number of commercial farms keeping cattle and cultivating cash crops such as maize.

Mkushi consists of a few shops, petrol station a post office, hospital and police station.

The Tusekelemo Clinic, a charitable trust, does a fantastic job providing good health care as well as helping children at the school.

Donata School for the Disabled is the only school for 100 miles to provide specialist education for children with disabilities.